Mason O'Farrell Garage
Parking Rates
(Current as of 02/2018)
Regular Rates:
First Hour: $8
Every 30 Mins After: $4
24 Hour Rate: $35 (Max. Daily Rate)

Specials & Discounts:
Theatre Special: $15 (w/ Theatre Ticket. Up to 5 hours, then Max. Daily Rate applied after)
SFSU Special: $14 (w/ School Name. Up to 12 hours, Max. Daily Rate applied after)
Union Square Employee: $14 for 10 Hours or $16 for 10-12 Hours (w/ Company ID, Max. Daily Rate applied after 12 Hours)
Evening Special: $22 (In after Midnight, out by 9:30am)
Hotel Guest Special: $39 per day (Allows for In & Out Privileges)